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Could your writing have an impact on learning disability nursing? Then we’d love you to join the LDN blogging team.  


The focus and content of your blog could be for a number of reasons including:

  • Sharing your knowledge around a certain specialism e.g. epilepsy, safeguarding, mental capacity, housing, employment etc

  • Speaking  up and advocating about  issues that you have a passion for.

  • Sharing your passion around your current job role.

  • Sharing experiences as a student nurse.

  • Sharing examples as a newly qualified nurse.

  • Reflections on a event you attended.

  • Your views on a new piece of national policy and how it may impact on people with learning disabilities or nursing in general

  • Have you written a care plan that you are really proud of that made a difference.

  • History of learning disability nursing.

  • Examples of going the extra mile.

  • Reflections of being a RNLD in a a non-learning disability environment.

  • Reflections of being a Care Manager.

  • Updating news from your nursing organisation.

  • Sharing examples as a mentor.

  • Sharing examples of good practice.

  • Sharing your experiences as a person with learning disabilities or a parent/carer.

Guidelines and tips for writing

Writing for and about learning disability nursing and related areas is an excellent way to keep up to date and links in with NMC revalidation really well. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner, student nurse or a support worker, we believe everyone brings something unique to the table.

These guidelines help explain what we’re looking for from our blogs and vlogs, including helpful tips for writing online and how to submit your ideas to our blogging team. However more detailed information will be given when you submit your blog idea.

Blog Framework

  • Words – ideally 300-500 of them (1500 max) and if you need more think about breaking it into parts.

  • Photographs – images and video are great for bringing your story to life

  • Author information – let the audience know who’s writing the piece, as it lets our audience empathize more

  • Links – if you’re writing about an organisation ensure you put a link to it.

  • Ensure consent is gained before asking for it to be published.

  • Don't break confidentiality.

We would really love it if you could become a regular blogger, writing monthly updates.  

We’ll give you a blogging info pack to get you on your way, just fill out the form below. 

Next Steps

Below is a form for blog writers who are looking to be published on our website – please let us know what you want to write about using this form and we’ll get back to you asap.   

Blog Idea Submission

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