How do I become a nurse ?

There are so many choices and decisions to be made when starting your journey as a nurse.  Have I got the qualifications for entry ? Can I afford to start the course ? Do I understand the new funding loans (England only at present) ? Should I go down the apprenticeship or associate scheme instead ?  Below are a range of links and videos to help you with the decision.  After making the decision about nursing being the right career choice for you then you need to start looking at which field of nursing is right for you.  We want people to really reflect on the reasons why they want to come into nursing, its not like the TV shows. Real life nursing is rewarding but also very challenging at times.  Long hours, unsociable shift patterns, high responsibility, are just a few of the challenges within nursing.

Why Nursing ?
Entry Requirements
RCN Info
A-Level Alternatives
Nurse Apprentices
Nurse Associate
Come back to Nursing
Changes to nurse funding
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