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October 4, 2017


I am a member of the Can You Understand It! Team at Oxleas and I have a learning disability.


A couple of weeks ago I was in the local library. I was having a chat with an Indian man, I don’t know his name but I call him ‘uncle’.  You see the man is a Sikh, like I am. We are a traditional culture, and because he is older than me, by calling him ‘uncle’ I am showing him that I respect him.  It’s a nice way to address the person. We speak to each other in Punjabi. I will teach you some Punjabi, to say ‘hello, how are you’ you say ‘gida tiga’! 


After we finished our chat he stood up and said I'm going, he went out the door to walk over the road. He got to the island in the road and fell over flat on his face. I ran out the library to help him. His face was covered in blood, he appeared a bit frightened and confused. I checked if he was ok and I got some water to clean his face.  Some girls from the local grammar school walked past and asked if we needed any help. I asked if they stay with him whilst I call for an ambulance. I then went into the library to ask for a first aid box but they wouldn’t give me the box. I think because of my learning disability, they didn’t believe me. So I got ‘uncle’ a cup of tea from the machine and spoke to him until the ambulance came.

It was quite a stressful time for ‘uncle’ but I feel quite proud of myself. It made me feel really helpful, that I came to his aid. I know I have a learning disability but that didn't stop me, it was my call of duty as a citizen. I was glad I was there, it could have been worse, if wasn't for me and the school girls. No one else helped, they just stood and stared. ‘Uncle’ doesn't need help like that.


I would like to do a first aid course to help other people. I hope this story helps you see people with learning disabilities in a positive light.


Sunny Sokhal

Can You Understand It! Team

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

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June 6, 2019

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