See The Person And Not The Disability...

November 25, 2018

As end of term one theory approaches and I head out to placement, I am nervous, excited and looking forward to future experiences and challenges.   


For me, choosing the University of South Wales to complete my nursing degree was a no brainer!! All staff from admissions to lecturers have been so supportive throughout my application and during my short time there. 


They never once put any barriers in my way or raised any concerns about my health issues and hidden disabilities. To them, it was about what I could offer to the field of Learning Disability Nursing, this was a huge achievement for me and gave me the message I have been waiting for “there is life after a Stroke." With the support of the teaching team at the university I am taking all the knowledge and skills I have learnt over the past 7 weeks with me into practice. 


For anyone who is thinking of a future career in nursing, my advice to would be to explore the University of South Wales Learning Disability Nursing Degree, it's an amazing career choice with lots of job opportunities out there once you've qualified. Book onto an open day and see for yourself what it has to offer, I can guarantee their simulation suite and teaching facilities will blow you away.


Jo-Anne Fenwick (Year One Student Learning Disbilties Nurse at #USW)


You can train to become a Learning Disability Nurse at University of South Wales, you can find more information on the USW website:


You can also contact Rachel Morgan (Specialist Lead) via email:































































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June 6, 2019

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