I have always wanted to be a Nurse

December 2, 2018

I’ve always wanted to be a nurse ever since I was young, but over time there became more obstacles in my way. I gave up on the idea of it ever happening and thought that it was just not meant for me. However, I discovered learning disability nursing and this reignited my desire to go into a nursing career.


Growing up I was always described as the ‘quiet one’. My life hasn’t always been as happy as it is now, I watched my mum being abused by my step dad and I myself was sexually abused by my own “dad” at a young age. I was never able to talk about my experiences and learnt to keep myself to myself, hence being described as the ‘quiet one’.  Its taken me a long time to get over my past but I’m happier now than I have ever been, I finally have the confidence to not let things get in my way and build a happy life.


My first experience of someone with a learning disability was my older brother. My brother was diagnosed with a mild form of Aspergers syndrome at the age of four, this affects his social life hugely, as the younger sibling I quickly adapted to his needs and learnt ways of getting him to interact and play with me. I have seen the difficulties he faced when encountering new experiences and meeting new people. I have seen first hand how cruel others can be towards people with learning disabilities and this is what inspired me to try stand up and make a change.


Currently I have my own family, my confidence is growing and I feel that I just want to be able to make a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small that difference may be. I’m thoroughly enjoying the course, I feel I have learnt so much in such a short space of time and cannot wait to get on to placement and see how theories can be implemented in to the ‘real world’. I can honestly say I’ve made some real friends at university and look forward to progressing in our careers as nurses together. 


Written by a first year Learning Disability Nurse at #USW 


You can train to become a Learning Disability Nurse at University of South Wales, you can find more information on the USW website: https://www.southwales.ac.uk/courses/bachelor-of-nursing-honslearning-disabilities/


You can also contact Rachel Morgan (Specialist Lead) via email: rachel.morgan@southwales.ac.uk




If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this blog, the following organisations may be able to provide help and advice:


Provides confidential emotional support for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair.
Helpline: 08457 90 90 90 (24 hours a day, seven days a week)
Website: www.samaritans.org 


Victim Support
Provides help and information for anyone who has been affected by a crime, including a violent or sexual assault, or is wary about involving the police.
Helpline: 0845 30 30 900 (Seven days a week)
Website: www.victimsupport.org
















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