#RNLD100 Update

December 5, 2018

In May of this year we launched the idea of a celebratory conference to mark 100 years of learning disability nursing, the response was very positive but people asked if they could hold their own events across the UK as well. 



This got me thinking (it happens sometimes) why not have regional events that start in February 2019 and then have a national conference in Feb 2020 that brings together the work around the country.  


Keele University are running a #RNLD100 launch event in Feb 2019 that will see a specially designed mosaic plaque (see Keele blogs) travel around the Midlands, visiting Coventry and Wolverhampton universities and linking up with Birmingham City University during Positive Choices conference in April.  Each University will have the mosaic for one month and will use it as part of their own #RNLD100 events.  The draft picture below gives an idea of how the mosaic will travel, culminating in a celebration party that links in with Mencaps's Learning Disability Week.  Let us know if you would like to see the #rnld100 mosiac at your university or practice area, this can be anywhere in the UK, or further !!



In October of this year LDnurse.com set up a competition to design a logo that could be used as a central branding resource for any 100 year celebration events across the country.  Shortly after the competition launch it became apparent that other hashtags were being developed around the country to mark centenary celebrations. After a short discussion it was felt that the #RNLD100 slogan will be used to showcase the events going on between the regional universities and the celebration conference in Feb 2020.   LDnurse have sent out requests to send in any hashtags that are linked to centenary celebrations so that they can be collated and shared.  Lets try and keep the number of hashtags to a minimum as otherwise it dilutes their impact, my suggestion would be keep it to #RNLD100 and #100yrsRNLD.


All of the shortlisted #RNLD100 logo's will be used in various ways, these include:


Postcard design

Teaching Aid

Beer bottle label for our #RNLD100 Celebration Beer 

Gin bottle label for our #RNLD100 celebration Gin

Beer mat design for our #RNLD100 campaign 

Beer mat design for  #men into nursing campaign

Profile picture for our social media pages 


The winning logo will be shared on Friday 7th December and will be copyright free.





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June 6, 2019

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