Lead-Develop-Enable  are the headline tags for the new project and website development supported by Scotland’s National Implementation Group for ‪#‎StC‬  .  We have taken a quick look at the site and have found it easy to use and full of useful information.

The website is aimed at providing information about Learning Disability Nursing in Scotland, from courses that lead to a qualification to finding your fi...

If you’re thinking about studying to become a learning disabilities nurse, or you’re currently a student nurse wondering what career path to take with your RNLD qualification, this article is for you. We’re going to take a look at just a few of the job vacancies available for RNLD Nurses currently being advertised.

Words by Sarah Gill, Nurses.co.uk.

Learning disability nurses have a wide range of potential career paths in a vari...

Learning disability nurses support people with learning disabilities, usually in a multidisciplinary team, and are concerned with their clients’ health in the widest context. They help clients of all ages to live their lives as fully and independently as possible, while respecting their rights and dignity. Learning disability nurses work with clients and their families and carers to assess their needs and draw up care plans, m...

Sarah Kennedy Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing (University of Salford)

“The following list was thought up by a group of professionals we recently consulted with around developing our new curriculum – it’s a pretty full list” !

· good communication skills – the ability to listen and be diplomatic · the ability to ‘think outside the box’ · the ability to challenge theory with practice – not to rely on text books · see every...

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